Creating the Ideal Revolving Account Portfolio –

Brad Burnett, President of CreditSense, provides an in-depth look into revolving accounts:

In our video, “Revolving Accounts”, I explain your Revolving Accounts are the part of your credit profile that is made up of all the revolving accounts that are currently reporting on your credit report. They include both open and closed accounts. To take this topic even deeper, let’s look at what the Ideal Revolving Account Portfolio is.

The ideal revolving account portfolio consists of 3 credit cards. Each of those credit cards will be either a Visa or a Master Card. Each card will have a limit of $10,000 or more. You will not have a single late pay reporting on any of those accounts. And, you won’t have any closed revolving accounts. Because of that last criteria most people won’t ever have the ideal portfolio… and that’s ok.


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