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Credit Optimization vs Credit Repair


What’s the difference between credit optimization and credit repair?

You may already be aware of the serious limitations of so-called “credit repair,” so I’ll start by making this as clear as possible—Credit Optimization is nothing like credit repair.

They’re not the same thing. They’re not even similar. The credit optimization process is so advanced that to even compare it to credit repair would be an insult to this technological and strategic ability to create a fundable credit profile.

For example, here are a few things credit repair CAN’T do: credit repair can’t help people with GOOD—or even GREAT—credit improve their scores, raise their scores, or help them get funding they think they’re already qualified for. Credit Optimization can.

And credit repair is an especially bad idea for people with poor credit. Why? Because credit repair companies merely write letters on your behalf, disputing items that are hurting your credit. And on average, they’ll accomplish a meager 30-40% deletion rate. This means, if you have 10 items that are hurting your credit profile, credit repair companies might get three or four of them deleted. Maybe.

And if that wasn’t discouraging enough, consider this…

When those other, remaining items are verified as accurate, they’ll be required to stay on your credit profile for seven to ten years! That doesn’t sound like “repair” to me. And credit repair companies can’t offer any other solutions.

Sure, they can recommend credit building techniques, like secured credit cards, but because they don’t know what matters to FICO® or lenders, they will ignorantly recommend cards that are actually destructive to your attempts to build a legitimate, fundable credit profile.

The result: credit repair takes credit from bad to worse, leaving clients with negative listings on some bureaus but not others and alarmingly huge ranges between high and low scores. In other words, credit repair leaves many people with a “scorched earth” credit profile and no plan or hope for improving it.

So if credit repair is a horse and buggy, then Credit Optimization is a Ferrari. And here’s why:
FICO scoring software measures 40+ characteristics of your credit profile. Only 10 of those characteristics measure derogatory or negative listings. That means there are 30+ ways to improve your credit profile and raise your credit score without touching a single negative listing. Think of that. Correcting negative listings comprises less than 10% of our credit profile fundability strategies.

And remember, RESULTS DON’T LIE. We’ve taken thousands of our clients—some with starting scores in the low 400s, others as high as the 800s—and transformed each of their credit profiles into FUNDING MACHINES. At CreditSense, we don’t stop until all 28 of your FICO® credit scores exceed 800+ and your credit profile is FUNDABLE.

And speaking of numbers—over the last two decades, we have never had a single complaint about our Credit Optimization service. Check our Better Business Bureau record see for yourself. The bottom line is that with Credit Optimization, your credit profile and financial reputation hits the lender’s funding bullseye perfectly.

That’s what we do. Credit repair firms can’t say that—because credit repair firms can’t do that. They never have and they never will.