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This is not credit repair. This is CREDIT OPTIMIZATION.

Take your personal and business credit to the next level today.

As the ONLY credit funding optimization firm in the country (and the only one acknowledged by leading reporting agencies), CreditSense is turning the credit game on its head by making the system work for borrowers—not just lenders.

Since 1997, CreditSense has been leading the transformation of the personal and business lending space, and significantly outperforming the meager results of traditional credit repair. With the basecamp in Utah, CreditSense helps business people, real estate investors, and savvy consumers supercharge their credit profiles and reach their funding goals.

To us, great credit all begins with education. That’s why we offer a FREE Credit Funding Analysis to anyone willing to take the time to educate themselves by watching our presentation—Masterclass Video, Live Event, or Online Webinar. In this presentation, you will learn about the power of credit funding optimization, and how it will impact the credit approvals you get (the Credit Analysis is FREE when you watch the presentation).

What We Do

Put simply, we make poor credit profiles great, and good credit profiles outstanding.

By customizing a credit optimization plan that’s right for you, we’ll help you reach ANY financial goal—and we’ll stick with you until all 28 FICO® credit scores (Yes, there are 28 of them!) exceed 800… and that’s just the beginning.

We help our customers by delivering the tools and strategies they need to be successful in the credit game—the game lending institutions don’t want you to know how to play, and credit repair companies don’t have a clue about. We focus on building hefty, fundable credit profiles while minimizing the effects of negative accounts and maximizing the effects of positive accounts.

That’s Credit Funding Optimization.

Our patent pending process has helped thousands create greater opportunity.

about-process-pendingCredit is power. Having a $100K line of credit is the same as actually HAVING $100K if you know how to use it correctly.

Whatever financial opportunity you seek in life, whether it’s starting a new business venture, breaking into real estate, or saving money on your next auto purchase, having a fundable credit profile is key.

At CreditSense we’ve made so many financial dreams come true, just by empowering borrowers with the knowledge of exactly how Credit Optimization works. Most of our clients raise their credit score by over 45 points in the first 45 days! We have also helped thousands of individuals reach credit scores of 800+ in less than 2 years time. Better still, we have helped hundreds of business owners obtain lines of credit of over $100K each.

What are you waiting for? A perfect credit profile and funding that comes with it are within your grasp. Schedule your FREE Credit Funding Analysis to get started.

What we stand for

CreditSense is a ground-breaking innovator that is radically transforming the personal and business borrowing success of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, business owners, and savvy consumers nationwide.

CreditSense has developed a comprehensive and proven set of tools and strategies that help our clients optimize their credit profiles and get the credit approvals they want–from home and auto loans to credit cards and business loans and lines of credit.

We know the criteria that FICO® measures, and this allows us to acquire and maximize every possible credit score point evaluated by FICO® software as well as every underwriting criteria used by lenders. Simply put, CreditSense’s credit funding optimization process results in our clients’ getting a “YES!” from lenders.

Nobody Else Does What We Do

And we mean nobody. Our technology transcends traditional credit repair processes.
In fact, there’s really no comparison. Here’s a few reasons why we lead the way in
credit and financial optimization.




Our Team

Our team of trusted credit strategists and advisors will help you every step of the way.
It begins with analysis and planning and continues with support and education.

Merrill Chandler

Founder, Chief Strategist

Hannah Yandow

Director of Special Projects

Brad Burnett

Chief Operations Officer Business Credit Advisor

JD Derricott

Personal Fundability Advisor

Malorie DaRonche

Credit Analysis Coordinator

BreAnne Campbell

Optimization Plan Designer

Credit Advisor in the making

Are you in? Get in touch at [email protected]