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Frequently asked questions

Who is CreditSense?
A consumer credit industry disrupter. CreditSense is a ground-breaking innovator that is radically transforming the personal and business borrowing success of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, business owners, and savvy consumers nationwide.

What can you do for me and my credit?
More than you can possibly imagine. Simply put, we take the mystery out of credit scoring, underwriting, and credit approvals by delivering a proven system that lets YOU take charge of your credit APPROVALS and FUNDABILITY in a way that you have never thought possible before. Our credit optimization process is a game-changer…in YOUR favor. And with the education that comes with it, you can take back your financial power and fulfill the dreams that result from accomplishing your credit and funding goals.

What is credit funding optimization?
Developed by Merrill Chandler, a credit pioneer with over 22 years experience in the consumer and business credit industry, credit funding optimization is a comprehensive and proven series of strategic steps that maximizes your credit fundability. Because we have discovered the exact criteria that FICO® measures, CreditSense has developed a set of tools that will help you optimize your credit profile. This allows you to acquire and maximize every possible credit score point evaluated by FICO® software. Simply put, CreditSense’s credit funding optimization process results in FUNDABLE 800+ credit profiles AND scores.

How does credit optimization work?
It’s magic. No really, it’s pure math. Credit optimization works because we implement powerful AND proven strategies that not only recover lost points due to bad credit, but OPTIMIZES your credit profile so that all 40 funding characteristics measured by FICO® scoring software produces the maximum number of credit score points as well as new credit approvals for you. With credit profile optimization, you no longer have to play a game when you don’t know the rules. This process has transformed credit profiles with scores ranging from the 400s to the 800s into FUNDING MACHINES.

Who else is doing this?
No one. Our founder Merrill Chandler invented it. He is one of the only humans on the planet (who doesn’t work for FICO®) who has had the unique experience of evaluating “before” and “after” copies of over 15,000 credit reports—and the score changes that accompany the implementation of dispute and optimization strategies. Credit profile optimization is available exclusively at CreditSense. There is no other technology like it, and patents have been filed to ensure this powerful process has the leverage to transform the personal and business credit industry nationwide.

Are you a credit repair company?
No. By definition credit repair companies do only that—they try to REPAIR credit. They can only write dispute letters hoping for a meager 20-30% overall deletion outcome—not a very encouraging result. Credit repair companies CANNOT change your credit profile to make you more FUNDABLE. More importantly, once a credit repair company disputes an account and it is “verified as accurate,” they are done. But to keep charging you, they keep sending more disputes with little or no additional deletions. There’s nothing else they can do.

How is CreditSense different from a credit repair company?
Like a Ferrari differs from a stage coach. What most people don’t know—including credit repair companies—is that of the 40 characteristics measured by FICO®, only 10 of them measure derogatory account information. This means that there are 30 ways to make your credit profile more attractive to lenders AND raise your credit score without touching a single negative listing. CreditSense knows how to implement each of these additional strategies to improve your profile. Dispute strategies account for less than 10% of CreditSense’s credit profile and score improvement strategies. Our credit score point recovery process is so advanced that to call it credit repair would be an insult. Its technical and strategic ability to improve your profile overwhelms the meager results of traditional credit repair. There are many ways that your credit profile may be bleeding credit score points—and not just from derogatory accounts. CreditSense knows how to find and stop the hemorrhaging.

Why should I use you instead of a credit repair company?
You shouldn’t. If you want ONLY a few deletions and NO future funding possibilities, then by all means use a credit repair company. They make all kinds of promises about quick deletion results. If you believe them, try them. If you are disappointed in your results, give us a call and we will see if we can bail you out—just know it may take much longer to repair the damage they caused to your credit profile. Remember, credit repair firms have only one weapon in their arsenal and most of the time, using it ruins your chances for future profile development and optimization.

What if I have really bad credit?
Good thing you are talking to us! Our founder, Merrill Chandler has over 22 years experience in developing powerful and next-generation “credit improvement” technology. More importantly, his experience with FICO® scoring software provides CreditSense a significant strategic advantage over traditional credit repair techniques. Whereas credit repair companies will write simple “dispute” letters, your personal Accuracy Advisor at CreditSense will audit your complete credit profile for every account that is causing a loss of points, and then implement up to 14 different legal strategies depending on your situation and the types of negative listings you have. Better still, after all possible deletions have been implemented, we will apply credit optimization strategies that will ADD credit score points to your profile. No credit repair company out there uses all of our “dispute” techniques, much less knows how to optimize and build your credit profile to be 800+ AND fundable.

Can you help people who don’t have “bad” credit?
Of course. What is fascinating is that many of our clients don’t have ANY bad credit—they came to us because they have GOOD credit and are still NOT fundable. In this situation, we implement our OPTIMIZATION technology to improve the FUNDABILITY of their credit profile. This in turn, improves their chances of more credit approvals. Even without use of our advanced disputing strategies, our system focuses on helping you to streamline your credit identity, optimize your revolving accounts and installment loans for highest point yield, streamline and coordinate your inquiry usage, pay your bills in a way that triggers additional point increases, and shape your credit profile to deliver the highest credit score points measured by FICO® scoring software.

Aren’t you just manipulating credit scores?
That’s funny! That’s like saying eating well, exercising regularly, and being a non-smoker is manipulating the insurance system to get better health insurance rates…or driving well so you can qualify for better car insurance premiums. You know that being healthy or driving well is good for you, and the insurance system rewards you with lower rates for doing so. It’s the same with your credit profile. With CreditSense, you will learn what it means to have a healthy and fundable credit profile—and FICO® scoring software will reward you with more credit score points, and lenders will reward you with more credit approvals.

What does FICO® credit scoring software measure?
Most lenders in America use credit scoring software developed by Fair Issac Company (FICO®) to measure a borrower’s credit worthiness. The higher the score, the lower the risk to the lender. The FICO® scoring software measures important credit profile characteristics and borrower behaviors to predict the likelihood of borrower default or bankruptcy.

So my credit score is what’s important to lenders?
Hell no. Your credit score is only one of 10+ criteria that lenders look at to approve you for credit. A high credit score only means that you will qualify for more of the same type of credit you already have. Chase or Wells
Fargo is NOT going to give you a $50K line of credit based on your Home Depot payment history. But they WILL give you that $50K line of credit if you meet ALL the lender funding criteria. CreditSense knows this and that is why we focus on the quality and FUNDABILITY of your credit PROFILE far more than just your credit score.

How long does it take to see results?
It depends on your current credit situation. That is why we offer a FREE Credit Funding Analysis. Most of our clients see significant credit score improvement within the first 90 days, with major fundability improvements within six months, but it may take longer for you depending on the current state of your credit profile. Remember, this is not credit repair, and we are not promising a “quick fix.” We help you create a fundamentally and structurally sound credit profile that yields the maximum credit points on all 40 FICO® criteria. It may take a little time, but we create real, long-term results.

How much does it cost?
Not enough. Especially when you consider the powerful and permanent FUNDING impact our credit optimization technology will have on your credit approvals. Generally, our credit optimization packages range between $1000 and $6000 depending on 1) your preferred service level, 2) whether you want personal and/or business credit optimization, and 3) whether you are doing it for yourself or for you and a spouse/partner. Because this process is so revolutionary, we don’t want anyone to miss out because of money. Talk to your Credit Funding Analyst for payment options.

One thing is for sure, NOT having a FUNDABLE 800+ credit profile will cost you tens of thousands of dollars more than to have us help you create one. Interest savings alone on a single house or car will pay for your optimization program several times over.

How do I know you are legitimate?
You don’t. Not yet. Not until you experience us for yourself. But, we can refer you to real clients with real success stories. And we can refer you to our flawless A+ Better Business Bureau report that demonstrates our commitment to delivering 100% satisfaction to our clients. By the way, our FLAWLESS 18+ year BBB reputation was earned the old fashioned way—by treating our clients with honor and integrity. We are not “accredited” by the BBB and so they do not give us special treatment regarding our reputation because we pay them membership fees. You can also verify that we are NOT on the Buyer Beware List of the Utah Department of Consumer Protection or ANY other regulatory body. In other words, we have NO complaints from any client, consumer, business, or regulatory agency. We deliver both amazing results AND client satisfaction. We can also refer you to all the amazing information that we provide for free on the web that is available nowhere else.

Why do you give away so much great information?
Because we’re awesome! No seriously, clients ask us all the time why we are giving such valuable information away for free. Our answer is simple: because we want you to know how to take back your financial power and finally have control over your credit profile, your credit scores, and your FUNDABILITY. We want you to have the education you need to create powerful and positive change for yourself and your loved ones. Period. If we can help you achieve your credit and financial goals—great. If you want to do it yourself—great. We just want you to do something—and do it now.

How do I know if credit optimization is right for me?
The first step is to schedule a FREE Credit Funding Analysis with one of our certified Analysts. Simply call us at 801-438-9090 or go to CreditSense home page and click on “Get Started” and give us your contact information. You will be prompted to schedule your Analysis and order the credit report we need to do your workup. It’s easy.

What is a Credit Funding Analysis?
The greatest thing to be offered to borrowers in decades! In this one hour comprehensive review of your credit profile, we will 1) determine how FUNDABLE you are, and 2) discover what needs to be done to fix errors on your profile, and 3) outline a strategy to make your credit profile attractive to lenders. In your Analysis, you will learn what is standing in the way of having an 800+ credit profile and score, and which parts of your credit profile are causing the loss of credit score points. Whether you partner with us on this project is completely up to you—the information and the Credit Funding Analysis are free. We simply want you to have the knowledge and power to control your credit profile, your credit score, and your financial life. If you want us to help, we will.

What happens when I become a credit optimization client?
We blow you away with TLC and credit expertise. After your Credit Funding Analysis, if you decide that credit profile optimization is right for you, you will be assigned a 3-4  person team to help you through every step of your optimization process. Your first team member is your Optimization Plan Designer. (S)he is tasked to collect and prepare the information we need to create your Plan. Once your Plan is complete, you will meet with your Fundability Advisor who will help you establish timetables for implementation of your Plan. (S)he will also prepare and deliver your Implementation Calendar. In turn, you will meet with your Accuracy Advisor who will audit your profile for accuracy and implement point-recovery and dispute strategies. If you opted for Business Credit Optimization, you will also meet with your Business Credit Advisor who will establish the fundability of your current business entities and prepare the appropriate strategies to acquire business loans and lines of credit. Your advisory team has extensive training in their respective fields and will be available to you during normal business hours to support your plan implementation and answer any questions regarding your credit profile optimization process.

Do you guarantee your results?
Of course. CreditSense is in this until you receive the results you came to us for. Our performance warranty for your Personal Credit Optimization is that we will support you until all 28 of your credit scores reported by exceed 800+ or two years—whichever is longer. If you opted for Business Credit Optimization, our performance warranty is that we will support you until you have an aggregate of 100K in business lines of credit or two years—whichever is longer.

I am a business owner/entrepreneur, how does personal credit optimization help me?
Like nitrous to a street-racing car. The business world revolves around credit. More importantly, your personal credit profile is your most powerful business asset. And since your personal credit reputation is required to backstop any business credit, business lenders are going to check your personal credit to see how you have treated your previous lenders. When you optimize your personal profile, you super-charge your business fundability. With a strong personal profile, you will be able to easily acquire business lines of credit, commercial loans, and private funding. There is no more powerful calling card in any business transaction than a FUNDABLE 800+ credit profile and score. It delivers the message that you are a conservative, powerful, serious business force to be reckoned with.

How does business credit optimization help me?
You don’t know what you don’t know. Most business owners have no idea what business credit underwriters are looking for or what the business funding deal killers are. CreditSense has the answers to these vital questions. CreditSense offers the ONLY business credit optimization technology in the nation Your Credit Funding Analysis will determine the current fundability of your business and what steps need to be taken to significantly increase the amount of business funding you can qualify for.

I am a real estate investor, how does credit optimization help me?
Can you say more, more, more? For real estate investors the end game is simple: turn MORE flips, hold MORE cash-flow properties, and/or capitalize on MORE commercial real estate ventures. No matter what your focus is, our credit profile optimization process delivers a credit profile that will yield the highest possible funding. Your credit profile will become a powerful tool so you will qualify for higher lines of credit, take on more properties, and dominate any real estate market you enter.

Do you make me an authorized user or sell me 3rd-party tradelines to improve my credit score?
Run as far and fast as you can from anyone who offers to do that! To truly take control of your financial reputation and create a fundable 800+ credit profile and score, there are no shortcuts. We help you build a fundamentally sound credit profile that is YOURS—and yours alone. We have found that becoming an authorized user (AU) on someone else’s accounts or using someone else’s tradelines to temporarily raise your credit score will NOT get you what you want. FICO® values AU accounts at only 40% of the possible credit score points of an individually owned account. We are committed to ensuring our clients maximize their credit profile for FUNDING purposes—not for artificially and temporarily raising a credit score. Authorized user accounts and 3rd-party tradelines are NEVER recommended in our optimization plans.

When you refer to creating a permanent credit identity, do you mean that you manipulate my name or social security number or create a new one for me?
Absolutely not. Your identity is the most important aspect of your credit profile. All of your credit tradeline information revolves around your identity. Variations of your identifying information creates confusion about who you really are and how your current and future creditors can get hold of you. This confusion lowers lender’s confidence and their willingness to extend credit to you. Our program helps you understand how to use your real identity (name, address, phone number, date of birth and social security number) to create confidence in your current and future lenders. Lender confidence significantly improves your chances of being approved for credit.

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CreditSense can help you achieve your credit goals by optimizing your credit and building trust with lenders.